For recertification

Practitioners are required to provide evidence of having attended or participated in an educational activity recognised by the C-QuIP once every three years. This can be undertaken by either attending a dedicated educational colposcopy course or scientific meeting recognised as such by the CPD committee of the RANZCOG or by completing the Colposcopy Online Learning Program (COLP).

For Audit

Below are the Standards in Diagnostic & Therapeutic Colposcopy for audit.

View theicon Standards in Diagnostic Colposcopy (40.59 kB)

View the icon Standards in Therapeutic Colposcopy (39.39 kB)

The Recommended Standards data provides the basis for audit and self-reflection. Please refer to the link here for more information about PAR points involved in collecting data as per the Recommended Standards.

Please note: It is not a requirement to submit audit data for recertification purposes, however, it can be used as a quality assurance activity by practicing colposcopists.



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