RANZCOG Trainees

RANZCOG Trainees can apply for C-QuIP certification by following the process outlined below.

There are two certification streams:

  • Diagnostic

For those colposcopists who refer patients on for treatment.

  • Therapeutic

For those colposcopists who investigate and perform treatment.


RANZCOG Trainees can apply for C-QuIP certification in their final 12 months of training.

To apply, trainees must:

    1. Have completed the appropriate Colposcopy Online Learning Program (COLP) within 12 months prior to application for C-QuIP certification.
    2. Provide evidence through their TAR of having completed 100 colposcopic examinations, 50 of which must be new cases.
    3. Provide evidence of satisfactory completion of the in house clinical assessment 'Colposcopy and the Treatment of Cervical Disease'.
    4. Complete a Logbook of 10 documented treatments for high grade lesions of the cervix (therapeutic stream).
    5. Provide a letter of competency signed off by their training supervisor.

The icon Letter of Competency (17.55 kB) for sign off.

The Colposcopy Online Learning Programs, COLP Australia and COLP New Zealand and Overseas are available at http://colp.cquip.edu.au/

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